You never head out of the house each day expecting to be in a devastating accident.  You plan on going to work or school, coming home that night, and living your usual life as normal.

However, an accident can happen at any time and leave you with serious injuries that will take weeks or months to heal.  You may be unable to go back to work and earn an income.  You also may suffer from extensive psychological distress.

When you are not at fault for the injury, you may be owed compensation and justice.  You can pursue legal action to the fullest extent by retaining a law firm, paralegal, or Oregon personal injury attorney to take your case.

Determine the Circumstances of the Accident

In the immediate aftermath of the accident, it may be difficult to tell who is at fault and who should be held liable for your injuries.  The responsible party may say that he or she has no fault and should not be expected to pay damages.

It is true that the details of the accident can be fuzzy and confusing particularly if you suffered a head injury or lost consciousness.  The entire predicament may become a scenario of your story versus the story of the other person.

Your lawyer can quickly unravel the mystery and discover who is really at fault.  He or she can subpoena testimony, surveillance, text messages, and phone calls, among other evidence, to prove your innocence and right to justice.

This evidence can also be used to exonerate you if you have been accused of wrongdoing.  It may be enough to get counter action filed against you dismissed in court.


Most people are eager to settle out-of-court once they realize that evidence proves their liability.  Their own legal team and their insurer might tell them to settle rather than litigate in court.

The initial settlement offer may seem generous.  However, it might not consider your future needs.  Your lawyer can negotiate a fair settlement that takes care of your present financial and medical needs and compensates you for months or years especially if you cannot return to work and earn an income.

As an accident victim, you have legal rights to pursue compensation and justice.  You can hire an attorney to guide you toward a fair resolution and settlement of your case in court.

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