When you are arrested and jailed, you only have a limited window to act on your own behalf.  You have the right to contact people on the outside who can come to the jail to assist you.

When you do not have a lot of cash on hand and know that your loved ones and friends are likewise strapped for money, you may think that you cannot post the required bond or bail.  However, you may be able to secure your release after you are arraigned by liquidating assets, contacting an Adams County bail bonds professional, or borrowing the money through other means.

Understanding How Bail and Bonds Work

Bail and bonds allow you to get out of jail before your trial date or court appearance.  Depending on the nature of your offense, you might be released even before you are arraigned.

Nonetheless, the judge overseeing your case may allow you to bond out of jail, meaning that you have to pay a set amount. The amount reflects the severity of the crime as well as the degree of risk you pose to the public.  If you are a flight or violence risk, for example, you may not be approved for bond at all.

If you cannot pay the total bond amount, you may be allowed to post bail, or pay a certain percentage to secure your release.  Even the bail amount may be more than you can afford, however.  In this instance, you would call a bail bondsman to post that percentage for you.

The percentage is typically between 10 to 15 percent depending on the jurisdiction and offense.  The bail bondsman would first require that you sign a contract or have someone sign the contract on your behalf.  This documentation essentially stipulates the terms of the bond and that you promise not to skip bail.  If you skip bail, the bondsman can get a warrant for your arrest and use other means to collect on the full amount of the bond.

As long as you go to all of your court dates and serve out any sentence handed down to you, your bail agreement will be satisfied.  This arrangement can help you get and stay out of jail until you have to see the judge.

Paying a bail amount can be expensive.  You can secure the right percentage by contacting a bail bondsman after your arrest.

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