Marriage isn’t for sissies. You need to think twice before you tie the knot.

A divorce lawyer in Calgary has heard and seen so many reasons why a marriage starts to fail, sometimes after just 6 months.

Too many people these days marry for money and little else. They want a comfortable lifestyle and aren’t particularly concerned about companionship. Some couples just aren’t well matched – the one loves hobbies, while the other has none and is bored, the one partner wants children, and the other does not. Disciplining children or the lack thereof can split couples up, too.

Many couples see the flaws before they take their vows and think they’ll be able to change the other person, but this never happens. Opposites can attract, but they can drive couples to despair, too. This is why a mediation lawyer in Calgary is constantly busy – they are dealing with the conflicts between different people and seeing that if the couple stays together, it can be peaceful.

Appearance in Court is the Last Resort

Many couples looking at divorce think they need to go to court to get divorced, when in fact, divorces can be granted without court appearances. The applicants simply need to present the divorce lawyer with the correct documentation and an affidavit where the two swear to the evidence needed for a divorce. An appearance in court is essentially a last-resort step used when all other avenues for resolution have been exhausted.

A mediation lawyer in Calgary doesn’t take sides, but listens in a neutral, compassionate way to both sides and then helps them arrive at a resolution for the conflict. When a couple chooses a reputable mediation lawyer, different dispute resolution techniques will be used with each couple to bring about practical solutions to their marital problems.

A trustworthy divorce lawyer in Calgary helps couples to also avoid the emotional trauma that a divorce can bring about. Certainly, if there are children involved, it can be more traumatic and then mediation will include aspects, such as spouse support or alimony. Will you be required to pay this support or will it be your marital partner? A divorce lawyer has the answers, and these answers will have an important impact on your financial well being.

Family-law lawyers in Canada have all the training, experience and skills to know how to divide financial costs relating to child support.

There’s a Right Way to Go about It

You may think that you can glean information about your rights and your responsibilities about divorce from friends and family who have gone this route before you. But, the truth is, going ahead with a divorce without the right knowledge can lead to unexpected and unwanted pitfalls.

Issues surrounding property, assets, custody and support don’t come with one-size-fits-all solutions, and so the best divorce lawyers will tailor advice and actions to your precise and unique situation so that the best solution comes about for everyone.