You could definitely make a solid argument that there are far too many lawyers about. Sadly, training as a lawyer isn’t the golden ticket it once was, as more and more graduates and young lawyers qualify, there’s a real abundance of unproven lawyers.

In a sense, that’s a good thing. It makes the cost of hiring a lawyer significantly lower, but it also removes your guarantee about the quality of legal representation you’re going to receive. With around 1.3 million lawyers covering just the United States, and plenty more in training, you can see the scale of the problem. There are too many lawyers.

So then the question quickly becomes, how do you get noticed in this incredibly crowded marketplace? How can you start building renown, authority and awareness as a legal expert? Falling short of an expensive advertising campaign, costing well beyond tens of thousands of dollars, you don’t have all that many options. But there is one; Lawyers of Distinction.

When it comes to advertising, a lot of people look to two solutions; traditional advertising, you know radio, TV, magazines, billboards and the like, and digital marketing. Digital marketing consists of elements like search engine optimisation, and pay per click advertising. These can both be very effective, powerful, and necessary tools. But they have substantial problems, which are threefold.

It fades, it’s expensive and everyone’s doing it. No matter what advertising means you use, the attention, relevance, and ranking slips with time unless you keep pouring money down the hole. That’s less than ideal, and will see your company spending a lot of cash that could be better used elsewhere. What’s worse, everyone’s doing the same thing. That means that you have to spend an absolute bomb to actually stand out, and even if you do, you’ll always be outspent by some bigger, more resourceful firm. It’s an expensive losing game.

What’s the solution then? What can you do to get your legal expertise noticed? A neat, effective and modern solution is Lawyers of Distinction. A vanity organisation, consisting of a huge directory of the absolute crème de la crème of lawyers across the United States, Lawyers of Distinction vets and markets its lawyers in a range of extensive and powerful ways, making sure that theirs are the best out there, and that they’re easy for the public to find, and even easier to rely on. They’re a trusted and authoritative organisation, with all their listings given high rankings by Google.

They are a vanity organisation, which means that members pay a yearly fee in order to be vetted. However, when you lay out the low price of membership next to other forms of advertising, at just $475 for the cheapest plan, you’re getting great value for money. Members are publicized through national publications, like the New York Times, really getting their names out there, as well as through a variety of other channels.

A big feature that Lawyers of Distinction boast is their massive directory of legal services. Their website receives well over 5,000 visitors every single day. There’s no finder’s fee or charge for this, just straight work, right to your agency or firm. There’s no richer firms buying up space on the site either, all lawyers of distinction are equal, meaning no one dominates, and everyone has an equally valuable experience. It’s a great way to be found, noticed and for the public to find the right legal representation.


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