One of the biggest challenges to face is to file for bankruptcy. It is a life changing experience and can be fraught with stress and challenges if not done properly without the right legal advice of a qualified solicitor. The process can be carried out effectively and efficiently by engaging the services of a professional solicitor who specialises in the area of bankruptcy.

A few tips that might come in handy to find an expert bankruptcy lawyer in Tampa Bay Area are….


  1. To find a top notch bankruptcy attorney you could check with the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA). They specialise in all types of bankruptcy cases including filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. The attorneys to be found here are professionals who are accredited and committed to the bankruptcy area of law. You need an attorney that files bankruptcy cases on a regular basis not one who does it once or twice in a year.
  2. You could also check with the local bar association. Whether you need an attorney for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or of any other type of bankruptcy related need the local bar association will be able to refer to an expert in the domain. The association has some of the best experts in the business which will ensure that your case is in safe hands.
  3. Check about the attorney’s reputation. You could ask friends or relatives who have previously engaged the services of a professional attorney. You need someone who is well versed in all aspects of bankruptcy related law like the Jay Weller Legal Group attorneys, who have years of experience and highly trained bankruptcy lawyers known for their legal skills.
  4. Ask for a free consultation. As is the norm generally most bankruptcy attorneys offer their clients up to an hour of their time to examine the case carefully, and determine if the client needs to file for bankruptcy or if there is another solution to his problem. It is a time when the client also gets an opportunity to determine if they would be comfortable working with the attorney. Most of these consultations are for free, although some attorneys may charge a fee. It is best to enquire at the onset, if there would be any consultation fee and if so would it be applied to the overall fee. In cases where the attorney has a sterling reputation it might well worth be paying the extra bit as consultation fees.

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