Whether or not you were the party that initiated the dissolution of your marriage, at some point during the divorce proceedings, an array of feelings may overwhelm you. From guilt to anger, and maybe even sadness, you should be ready to cope. A divorce attorney tampa fl will walk you through the legal repeal of your marriage, but you will have to deal with the emotional aftereffects on your own.

Here are three ways that may help you cope with the reality of divorce.


Give yourself some time to grieve the end of your marriage. Once the paperwork is signed and filed, you will no longer come home to your partner. You may have children or pets to go to home to, but not a partner. A partner is the person with whom you shared your life, goals and bed. Even if the marriage ended on bad terms, it is still a loss, and you should allow yourself to look back at the good memories and grieve, even if only for a moment. If you are angry, be angry. If you are sad, be sad. The sooner you experience your feelings, the less likely you are to explode at the wrong moment.

Move On

Once the divorce is final and you have grieved, move on. If you did not initiate the dissolution of your marriage, moving on may be difficult, especially if you are still in love with that person. Somehow, you have to move on, though. Hanging on to a past that no longer exists could harm your future. Continue to care for your health so that your outward appearance does not suffer unnecessarily. If you have a career, move on so that your work does not suffer, and if you have children or pets, move on so that your sorrow is not absorbed by them.

Keep Living

Life after divorce does exist. Make plans so that you have a purpose each day. Put yourself in a situation where you have the opportunity to meet new people. Activities are a great distraction from a portion of your life that has closed. While you are living, you may meet someone who is special enough to get to know better.

Divorces, even when amicable, are messy. Grieving the end of your marriage, moving on then continuing to live life may help you cope better.


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